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Roads Department


  • Bruce Brear, Acting-Road Superintendent

Parking By-Law

  • Please be reminded that as per By-Law 29-2003 no vehicle may be parked on Municipal roads or shoulders to obstruct snow removal. Vehicles in contravention of this by-law will be tagged or towed at owners' expense.
  • By-Law 29-2003 Parking of Vehicles

Prohibit Snow & Ice on Municipal Roadways

  • When ploughing your driveway or roadways this winter please remember not to leave any snow or ice on municipal roadways or shoulder. By-Law No. 12-2009 prohibits the deopsit of ice or snow on any municipal roadways without permission in writing to do so granted by the Council of the Municipality of Whitestone.
  • By-Law 12-2009 Prohibits Snow and Ice

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Assuming Roads for Municipal Maintenance

Resolution 2010-32