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Area Maps

West Parry Sound Geography Network

The Municipality of Whitestone partnered with other Municipalities within the West Parry Sound District to develop a Web site containing maps of the area.

Zoning Maps of the Municipality

Maps are PDF format PDF format and open in a new window.

  1. Sheet index in Zoning Bylaw Schedule A ⇒ (269 KB)
  2. Zone requirements in Zoning Bylaw Schedule B ⇒ (15 KB)
  3. sheets 1 to 9 ⇒ (3 MB)
    • file includes sheets from the former townships of Burton, McKenzie, Ferrie, and the village of Maple Island
  4. sheets 10 to 22 ⇒ (3 MB)
    • file includes sheets from the rest of Ferrie, East Burpee, Hagerman, Croft, and the village of Dunchurch
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location of Parry Sound District in Ontario

birds-eye view of Parry Sound District