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Municipality of Whitestone

Fire Department

Whitestone Station #1 and #2

Fire Chief
Bob Whitman
Deputy Chief
Chris Armstrong
Janice Bray
Fire Prevention Officer
Kathy Whitman
Health and Safety Officer
Janice Bray

Members of the department meet every other Thursday evening at 7:30 pm, alternating meeting places monthly between Dunchurch and Ardbeg; one training session is medical training and the next session is fire training.

Fire Permits

Fire Permits are required from April 1st to October 31st each year

Permits can be obtained by contacting any of the following:

Rob Steeves 389-1966
Duck Rock Resort 389-3322
Municipal Office 389-2466
**Margaret Hardwick 389-3704
**Kathy Whitman 389-3302
Harris Lake
Kathryn Creek 746-2765
Ed Bennett Jr. 746-7977
Mary Watkinson 389-3296
**can also inspect incinerators

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors are mandatory in all homes and cottages. Install smoke alarms--it's the law! Every residence in Ontario must have a working smoke alarm on every level and outside all sleeping areas. If you require additional information, please contact Bob Whitman, Fire Chief at (705) 774-1967. Smoke detectors are available at the Municipal Office and at the Fire Halls for $6.00 each.

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Dial 911 for fire and medical emergencies

Ardbeg Fire Hall