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  • Agenda ⇒ for next Recreation Committee Meeting
  • Recreation Committee

    • Committee Members
    • Barb Bennett 389-9828
    • Marie DeGrow 389-1210
    • Louise Ford 389-3322
    • Terry Ford 389-3322
    • Jan Hill 389-1091
    • B J Newport 389-1181
    • Amanda Story 346-1796
    • Barb Swartz 389-3564
    • Rose Tuck 389-3101
    • Council Representatives
    • Colette Deacon 389-1452

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    • The Recreation Committee has recently introduced a "Women's Wellness Program" aimed primarily at local women wanting to participate in various physical activities with group interaction within our community and education and information focused on women's issues and just having fun!
    • The Group meets every Wednesday from 6:30 to 8:30 for a variety of events. Schedules and information on locations are posted around Dunchurch. A nominal fee will apply for refreshments and for special events.
    • Come on out and have some fun. For more information, contact Colette Deacon at 389-1452.
    • Walk Fit, started by the late Del Cater, is now in it's 9th year. Join us Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am - 11am for a fun-filled hour of exercise and walking at the Dunchurch Community Centre.
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