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Committee of Adjustment

  • Committee Members
  • Dennis Rowntree
  • Greg Kowal
  • Tom Sutcliffe
  • Joe Lamb
  • Application for a Committee of Adjustment Minor Variance
  • A minor variance is an allowance Council may award to building and set back requirements (i.e., you want to build closer to the lot line than required).

  • A minor variance is a procedure under the Planning Act that requires notification to surrounding property owners and a public meeting. The process takes from 30 to 45 days. Any property owner can apply, and the municipal staff will help you complete the document or advise you about the need for a variance.

  • The application fee is $750.00. You can download the Application for Minor Variance PDF format (95 KB) or pick-up a form at the Municipal Office.

  • There is no legal registration needed for this transaction. A copy of the decision is filed in the property file and building file, and becomes a permanent change to the requirements for the property.
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