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Being a Bylaw for the regulating of dogs within the Municipality of Whitestone. Whereas under the Municipal Act, 2001, Section II, provides that a municipality may pass bylaw respecting to animals; and whereas under the Municipal Act 2001, Section 103, gives a municipality the authority to impound animals. Now therefore the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Whitestone hereby enacts as follows:


  1. Dog shall mean a male or female dog over the age of twelve weeks
  2. Owner of a dog, shall mean and include any person who possesses or harbours a dog, and owns or owned have a corresponding meaning
  3. Animal Control Officer shall include the person or association who has entered into a contract with the Corporation of the Municipality of Whitestone to control dogs and to maintain a dog pound, and any servants or agents of such person
  4. Peace Officer shall include the Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officer as appointed by municipal bylaw from time to time
  5. Running at large: A dog shall be deemed to be running at large if found in any place other than the premises of the owner of the dog and not under the control of any person
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2.Dog Tags

  1. Every owner of a dog shall, on or before the 1st day of January in each year, or upon becoming the owner of a dog after the 1st day of January, register such dog with the Municipal Clerk and procure a dog tag for each dog owned by the persons. Price per dog tag for this bylaw will start on January 1, 2003
  2. Upon application for a dog tag, the owner shall produce a certificate signed by a practicing veterinarian that the dog has been inoculated with an anti-rabies vaccine within a period of twenty-four months of the date of application for the license
  3. Every dog tag shall bear the serial number and the year in which it was issued and a record
  4. The owner shall keep the dog tag securely affixed on the dog at all times, save and except when the dog is used for hunting
  5. Every dog tag issued pursuant to this Bylaw shall expire on the 1st day of January in each following year for which it was issued, and the price of dog tag is payable to the Clerk at the time of issuing of a dog tag shall be in accordance with Schedule A, attached hereto and forming part of this Bylaw
  6. Tags from other Municipalities will be recognized as valid by the Municipality of Whitestone, if they are a valid dog tag in the Municipality from which they were purchased
  7. Anyone applying for a kennel tag must show proof that the dogs being tagged are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club as per the Kennel Bylaw
  8. There shall be a maximum of three (3) dogs per residence permitted in a residential or waterfront zone
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3.responsibilities of the owner

  1. No owner of a dog shall allow their dog to run at large within the limits of the Municipality of Whitestone
  2. No owner shall permit his or her dog, whether leashed or unleashed to trespass on private property
  3. No dog shall be allowed, at any time, in any area designated by Council and is posted as such. Such as a public beach or park
  4. Every owner of a dog shall forthwith clean up and dispose of any excrement left by his or her dog on any property other than his or her own
  5. No owner shall permit any dog owned by him or her, to bark, whine or create any noise that is likely to disturb any inhabitant of the Municipality of Whitestone
  6. Sections 3.2 and 3.3 shall not apply to owners of Seeing-eye or Registered Handicap-assist dogs
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4.Bylaw enforcement officer

  1. Any person may seize and impound any dog found running at large in the Municipality of Whitestone, and turn said dog over to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer. If claimed within 4 days, the dog may be redeemed for the poundage, levied at the current rate per day, as levied by the pound keeper, or may be destroyed if not claimed within 7 days. An attempt will be made to give any recorded owner a 24-hour advance notice prior to the animal being destroyed
  2. The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or their agents, as appointed by Council, is authorized to collect the poundage fees levied upon this bylaw and to maintain a pound as directed by the Council
  3. Where a dog is impounded, the owner, if known, and whether the dog is claimed from the pound or not, shall be liable for the pound fees, and shall pay all fees, on demand, to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  4. Nothing in this section shall prevent the Bylaw Enforcement Officer from destroying an animal which is sick or injured and where, in the opinion of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer, it is incapable of being cured
  5. This bylaw may be enforced by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer or any Police Officer
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  1. Any person who contravenes any provision of the is bylaw is guilty of an offence and, upon conviction, is liable to a fine, not to exceed the maximum provided under the Provincial Offences Act, exclusive of cost, and every such fine shall be recoverable under the Provincial Offences Act
  2. All sections of the bylaw shall be deemed to be separate and independent and the validity of any section or provision thereof shall not affect the remaining sections
  3. And that all bylaws, or parts thereof, contrary hereto or inconsistent herewith, be and the same are hereby repealed
  4. Bylaw No. 39-2001 is hereby repealed
  5. Bylaw shall come into full force 01st Day of January 2003. Read a First and Second time this 14th day of January, 2003

Schedule A for dog tag fees

$10.00 for all dogs

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