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This guide outlines some of the general ideas behind applicable laws and for the most part pertains to residential buildings and structures.

NB--this is a guide only, and not to be used as a substitute for the Ontario Building Code ⇒ or building bylaws. Specific circumstances may apply to your situation, and the Building Official can only review these after you submit a formal application and drawings. The following topics are but a few of the commonly asked questions and reoccurring situations, and are intended to draw your attention to circumstances you may encounter prior to beginning your project.

How-to determine what you can build

  1. Find your property on the West Parry Sound Geography Network ⇒ using your roll number, street address, or lot and concession
  2. Consult Whitestone Zoning maps to determine zone boundaries for your property; maps are PDF format PDF format and open in a new window
    1. Sheet index in Zoning Bylaw Schedule A ⇒ (269 KB)
    2. Setback diagram in Zoning Guide ⇒ (269 KB)
    3. Zone requirements in Zoning Bylaw Schedule B ⇒ (15 KB)
    4. sheets 1 to 9 ⇒ (3 MB)
      • file includes sheets from the former townships of Burton, McKenzie, Ferrie, and the village of Maple Island
    5. sheets 10 to 22 ⇒ (3 MB)
      • file includes sheets from the rest of Ferrie, East Burpee, Hagerman, Croft, and the village of Dunchurch
  3. Once you know your property's zone, review the lot requirements found on Zoning Bylaw No. 10-2005 ⇒ PDF format
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Building Bylaw

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Building Department Site Map

General Information
Caring for your sewage system
Why do we have bylaws and codes?
How long does it take to obtain a permit?
When is a building/demolition permit required?
Ontario Building Code Excerpts
Examples of projects that require a permit
Examples of projects that may not require a permit
Construction without a permit
Building Bylaw Excerpts
Frontage on Public Road or Street
Set Backs
Wahwashkesh Lake Flood Elevation
Extensions of Existing Buildings Encroaching Upon Yards
Coverage Maximums ? Residential
Mobile Homes
Accessory Buildings
Accessory Uses
Sleeping Cabin
Temporary Uses
Pumphouse Restrictions
Hunting Camp
Applying for a Building Permit
Download Forms
Items Required for Complete Application
Required Drawings & Plans
Docks & Boathouses
Request for Inspection
Required Inspections
Accessibility to Inspect
Conditions for Residential Occupancy
Notification of Occupancy
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