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Municipal Authority for Off-Road Vehicles

As of July 2003, the province gave municipalities the authority to determine whether off-road vehicles (ORVs) have access to highways under their authority. Municipalities must put a bylaw in place in order for ORVs to access their highways. Municipalities can determine which highways, where on the highway, the time of day, and the season that ORVs can access the highway. They can also set speed limits that are lower than those set out in the regulation. If a bylaw does not exist, ORVs do not have access to that municipality's road. Previous exemptions for farmers, trappers, and public utility workers remain in place.

Riders' Responsibilities

Riders must wear a motorcycle helmet, and have a valid G2/M2 or greater driver's licence, owner registration, and insurance.

More information is available at Service Ontario e-Laws, Highway Traffic Act Section 191.8 ⇒

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